CMMC Consulting

Work with Redspin to measure CMMC preparedness, enable pre and post assessment documentation support , and to engage remediation work.


Redspin, a Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO), which is also the first Authorized Certified Third-Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO) understands what it takes to pass CMMC/JSVAP Assessments. 

Redspin’s CMMC consulting, and readiness/remediation support uses CMMC guidance and experience from building security programs and conducting thousands of assessments to identify gaps in your environment, giving you the visibility to determine if your team has the right skills and tools on hand to better prepare for your upcoming assessment. With a remediation roadmap, we can help you develop the necessary documentation, including policies and procedures, conduct practice CMMC readiness exercises, and support you in your POA&M remediation efforts.


CMMC Life Cycle Support

Comprehensive Pre-Assessment

Readiness Support

Identify security gaps against the 17 controls (Level 1) and 110 practices (Level 2) outlined in the CMMC Model and provide recommended solutions based on Federal Acquisition Regulations and NIST SP 800-171 r2. Assist in developing a System Security Plan and associated roadmap to becoming CMMC certified.


Shore Up Documentation

Shore Up Documentation

Through the review of existing practices, Redspin can work with your team to develop the necessary policies and procedures, incident response runbooks, and best practices to ensure each member of your team owns their respective documentation and is prepared for interview questions during the CMMC Assessment.


Prioritize Remediation

Prioritize Remediation

Redspin can actively work with you from pre-assessment, to documentation support, to remediating the identified gaps in your environment to get you ready for the CMMC Assessment or address your POA&Ms.

Prioritize Remediation
Extended Support

We can act as an advisor during your certification assessment, giving you a CMMC Certified Assessor (CCA) as an extension of your team, offering “at the elbow” support during live CMMC interview sessions.  

Are You Ready for Your CMMC Assessment?

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CMMC Experience

As the first Authorized C3PAO, our experienced team of Certified CMMC Professionals and Assessors (CCPs and CCAs), are well-versed in what it takes to become CMMC-ready, having assisted numerous OSCs to prepare for and be ready to go through certification.


Build Muscle Memory

Team exercises and practice develops muscle memory not only for the CMMC Assessment but prepares you for responding to a real-life incident.


cost savings

Cost Savings

A proactive approach to becoming CMMC-ready saves your organization time and money and gives you the edge to winning federal contracts.

win federal contracts

Win Federal Contracts

Gain an advantage to securing federal contracts knowing that your requisite cyber hygiene meets CMMC standards and positions you ahead of your peers.


Your organization will be aligned with the best of the best CMMC cybersecurity experts to independently assess and shore up your security defenses in preparation for the CMMC Assessment. With Redspin’s CMMC consulting and readiness support you will feel confident and prepared to secure our nation’s most confidential information.

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