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A strong cloud data management program is essential for defense contractors to achieve CMMC compliance and compete successfully in the federal arena. Engaging a partner who can support you through certification and beyond will help ensure your business is well-positioned for the present and future. We are here to assist you at every step of your journey with our expert-led, Redspin Ready managed services programs.

Redspin possesses the technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of CMMC required to prepare you to meet this standard and to help you manage your data securely in the cloud on an ongoing basis.


We assist defense contractors of all sizes by offering flexible options that meet your specific needs and budget. If you’re just beginning your CMMC journey, partnering with a supportive team that can guide you to certification and beyond is crucial for ensuring the safety and prosperity of your business. With our Redspin Ready managed programs, we’re here to support you at every step of your journey.



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Learn how Smaller Organizations benefit from Managed Cloud Services and how it assists with CMMC preparedness

Wherever you are in your CMMC journey, or however big you are, moving data to the cloud or setting up a new cloud environment is a complex undertaking.

Contact us and we can help.

Learn about Cloud options and concerns when protecting CUI and other data classifications.

Azure GCC Cloud and Redspin Expertise

From initial consulting to implementation our team provides the Azure and Microsoft 365 elements right-sized and properly configured for your company. Focusing on your CUI, ITAR, and other data security needs ensuring you are doing your part to protect our nation’s defense capabilities.

C3PAO Insight

Redspin is one of the few organizations that is a qualified C3PAO and also offers managed cloud and security programs. Your investment and time in maturing the security and controls of your business is immediately aligned and optimized for the CMMC journey from certification and the years beyond.

Operational Excellence

We have the expertise and experience across security and compliance that ensures the best management of your environment and Microsoft services. This includes 24×7 operations that actively monitors and responds to issues on your behalf. 

Extended Consulting and Support

It is our mission to help and guide you through every step, clarifying the process and delivering a no-nonsense approach to your CMMC journey. As an External Service Provider (ESP) we understand the defense industrial base ecosystem, and many of our consultants are veterans and actively participate in the Cyber AB forums to best serve our clients. 

CMMC Compliance Maintenance

While getting CMMC Certification is a milestone, our program considers the additional needs and support for a confident re-certification down the road. Our CMMC-managed cloud services and consulting provides the continuous compliance activities and assistance ensuring ongoing CUI data protection.

Fulfilling End-to-End CMMC Compliance and Security Requirements

Redspin Ready provides full support for CMMC. Click through each Domain and visualize the level of effort it takes to maintain continuous compliance and how our managed services program gives you the needed coverage.

Access Control

Fulfilling the requirements of this domain relies on direct Azure GCC controls and precise design and implementation. Working with clients to implement changes, and ensuring ongoing monitoring and logging, helps maintain compliance.

Awareness & Training

Working with clients on awareness and security risk training is included in our services.

Audit and Accountability

Beyond designing and implementing strong audit and accountability measures, ongoing management is necessary for the continuous review and response to alerts.

Configuration Management

Maintaining, tracking, reviewing, and analyzing configurations and changes required by this domain constitutes much of the ongoing management needed to ensure compliance.

Identification and Authentication

While proper design and implementation leveraging Azure services fulfill much of this domain’s requirements, they are immediately impacted when systems and users are added or changed. Verification and support for your organization’s growth and adherence to these controls are provided through ongoing management.

Incident Response

After implementation, this domain requires preparation, detection, analysis, containment, recovery, and user response to incidents. Our consulting services provide an annual tabletop exercise in addition to ongoing detection and response.


Maintenance requirements are equally distributed to fulfill the requirements of this domain. This includes Azure infrastructure and services, the design and configurations needed to meet these requirements, and ongoing management and oversight to ensure compliance.

Media Protection

The bulk of this domain’s requirements focuses on controlling access to media containing CUI and maintaining accountability. It is crucial to have the proper configurations in place to ensure compliance and protect CUI.

Personnel Security

By working with clients, personnel security is upheld through the proper implementation of controls, along with ongoing support for change requests and reviews.

Physical Protection

Much of the physical protection of CUI data comes from the GCC cloud; however, proper implementation of the available controls is critical, and logging of access requires ongoing management.

Risk Assessment

Assessing risk largely requires human oversight and ongoing management after initial implementation. Working with clients on periodic risk assessments and addressing remediation needs provides the comprehensive effort necessary for this domain.

Security Assessment

Much of the domain, after implementation, requires ongoing assessment and monitoring of security controls. Additionally, working with clients to periodically update security plans is essential to fulfill the overall requirements of this domain.

System and Communication Protection

This domain requires precise implementation for CUI at rest and other specific system communications, leveraging many of the Azure GCC security controls, FIPS encryption, and configurations. Ongoing monitoring and coordination with clients on communication management are included.

System and Information Integrity

A large part of fulfilling the requirements of this domain comes from Azure GCC, along with the design and implementation. Once these are in place, ongoing management takes on the functions of identifying, reporting, and correcting information systems as needed. Working with clients, our consultants help establish the procedures and means to protect against malicious code and remediate flaws.


Our CMMC certified experts provide customized Managed Security and Cloud services to optimize your organization’s cybersecurity posture to safeguard CUI and FCI and meet compliance requirements, ensuring streamlined security management, 24×7 threat protection, and access to expert support.

By outsourcing your cybersecurity and cloud management to Redspin, you can focus on your core business activities and achieve your organizational goals with peace of mind

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