21: CMMC AB Updates: Joint Assessments Are Starting & More!

Redspin’s CMMC experts are back to highlight the recent news announcing the start of joint C3PAO and DIBCAC assessments! During the CMMC AB Townhall on July 26th, 2022 it was announced that the first set of certifications will kick off as a joint surveillance program with C3PAOs and DIBCAC. 

Representing one of the first C3PAOs conducting a joint DIBCAC HIGH assessment, Redspin’s Thomas Graham walks us through what the first four  assessments will look like, what the relationship between the OSC and C3PAO will look like during these assessments, and will discuss the goal of DIBCAC High. Our experts will also discuss what happens to DIBCAC Joint assessments once CMMC is live and active. Rob Teague reviews what a joint assessment is, what the current projected course is for CMMC finalization, and last Ross Piper covers the release of the CAP. 

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