28: CMMC Documentation Compliance: Is Lean too Mean? Does Bloat equal Gloat?

Join Redspin’s Rob Teague and Thomas Graham, along with special guests Chandler Hall and Steve Pratt from Sentar, as they demystify CMMC documentation compliance in this episode.

Discover the critical role of documentation for OSCs and its significance in the CMMC process. Our experts define documentation in the context of CMMC and unravel its constant evolution. Delve into SSPS and its key components, including high-level ODPs, policies and procedures, CUI data flow diagram, asset inventory, and system description.

Unlock insights from C3PAOs, emphasizing practices over objectives, and learn the benefits of working with MSPs and RPOs. Explore opportunities to streamline and consolidate policies, plans, and procedures, finding the perfect balance between efficiency and excess.

Listen in as we crack the code of CMMC documentation compliance, and discover whether being lean is too mean or if bloat equals gloat. Tune in for a concise and enlightening exploration of this vital cybersecurity topic.

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