Redspin gears up to provide Certified CMMC Professional and Assessor training classes online, on-client site, or onsite at one of its locations.

Austin, TX (August 5, 2021) – Redspin, a division of Clearwater, a leading cybersecurity firm helping organizations in highly regulated industries navigate emerging security and privacy issues, today announced the company is approved as a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) to offer Certified CMMC Professional (CCP), and both levels of Certified CMMC Assessor (CCA-1 and CCA-3) training in different classroom settings to accommodate all students.


In early June 2021, Redspin became the first organization to pass a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) level-3 assessment to become an Authorized C3PAO. Redspin has two of its senior CMMC Provisional Assessors who have completed the CMMC Provisional Instructor training, awaiting approval by Department of Defense (DoD), which will put the Company in a unique position in the market to support the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) contractors with CMMC consulting services as a Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO), CMMC training as a Licensed Training Provider (LTP), or to conduct CMMC assessments for certification as an Authorized C3PAO.The DoD has identified 15 contracts that will need to meet CMMC level 1 or level 3 certification, equating to roughly 1,200 DIB contractors and subcontractors within the first year of the program. Training of CCP, CCA-1, and CCA-3 trained professionals will be critical to the DoD meeting this goal.

Redspin has designed its class offerings to meet the needs of all individuals or organizations seeking certification. Redspin can conduct classes online, in-person in Austin, TX, or Minneapolis, MN, or in-person at a third-party organization’s location of choice. The CMMC-AB expects to release training materials, through Licensed Publishing Partners (LPPs) to LTPs for CCP in the immediate future, and CCA-1 and CCA-3 in early 2022. Classes will begin shortly thereafter. Information regarding the scheduling of classes and registration will be provided on our website at

“Clearwater’s Redspin Division is rooted in delivering assessment and consulting work for highly regulated industries, therefore moving into CMMC, including a training offering, was a natural progression because it has tremendous opportunity for the company but also value to our healthcare clients and adjacent businesses,” says Paul Anthony, CFO at CynergisTek, a Clearwater Company. Mr. Anthony continues, “The leadership team and our Board are proud of the hard work and dedication our team displayed in meeting these high achievements. Building a company that can support the demand for CMMC remediation, certification, and training positions us as a leader in the markets we are dedicated to serving.”


Redspin’s training scheduling website is live. Please visit to reserve a spot in an online class, reserve a seat at one of our locations, or to host a course at your location.


About Redspin

Redspin is a division of cybersecurity and compliance company Clearwater, which focuses on improving the cyber readiness and resiliency of Defense Industrial Base (DIB) organizations. As the first authorized C3PAO for CMMC, Redspin has the expertise and resources to help DIB organizations to minimize cyber risks and protect sensitive information.