Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool; like any tool, it is capable of benevolent and malevolent applications. As with any novel technology, there is often an eagerness to adopt and utilize it, even without comprehensive knowledge about its most effective deployment or potential hazards. This issue is especially salient in the context of AI, given that the interconnected world we inhabit, combined with our increasing reliance on information technology, amplifies the potential rewards and risks associated with its usage to an unprecedented degree. Most conversations around the implications of AI have only scratched the surface; for all the benefits, the inherent risks must be weighed in conjunction. For example, AI is based on current computing technology and power. However, in the near future, quantum computing is going to become more and more common. The implications of using AI combined with quantum computing could be one of the greatest leaps forward in our understanding and capabilities. However, that same leap will also impact the mechanisms we currently have in place to protect information, potentially negating many of the existing safeguards.